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These particular pages are as absolutely magnificent as I could have hoped, and I have a particular attraction to anything depicting "the two of them," allegorically as seen here or otherwise. The passion that you had lost has reappeared in as strong a force as ever it was, with the jaw-dropping backgrounds and beauties of old.

I also read your conversion comic, though, and try as I might, I cannot see what you saw, even when it was explained. I can never manage to despise my fellow humans enough to think of them the way that you did. And I must be only a little older than you (around 34). We are tragic, and decrepit, but we are sacred too. Inside us live entire worlds, especially for creative types, for that is what I believe it means to have been made in the image of God. We alone possess His capacity to create, and what we make is beautiful, although we are pale shades by comparison.

I...I don't know why I feel compelled to reach out somehow, even though you don't know me and didn't even realize I existed. Maybe it's that witnessing such despair from someone whose work shows beauty in every form makes me *want* to, and so I'll try. Even though I have no hope that you will ever see it. You've accomplished at least one goal by it - Making someone think about Jesus. But should it matter, and should your social batteries allow, my email is kelly.israel05@gmail.com.

I am glad that, at the very least, you have found the means to love others again, through Jesus. And I admire your desperation to make use of His gifts, all the same.

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Wow I LOVE the panel where the sheep unsheathes the sword!! I wondered how exactly that would look due to how small he is, but it works very well. Really the whole sequence is great, very clear yet detailed visuals.

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This is extremely impressive so far. The telling is compelling, and the artwork and iconography is rich.

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So good! Nerding out a little about the sword (it reminded me of Heb 4:12, Rev 19:12) and can’t wait to see how the motifs on the Lamb’s capes apply in the future. Keep going, Minna!

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