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Minna, you have a way of storytelling that takes seemingly mundane concepts (animal stories) and makes them captivating and intriguing. I have a broad exposure to many graphic styles in comics from around the world and your color pallet and style has become one of my favorites. I am greatly enjoying your newest efforts and look forward to when physical copies become available. Why are physical copies important to me? Because it is something that I can pass on to my daughter when she becomes old enough to read that she can read anywhere and is not a screen.

I would like to provide one piece of feedback for you to consider that is philosophical in nature and one which I think every artist with Faith in God grapples, which is how best to glorify God in their work. Some believe that it is by only creating things that are heavily evangelistic and nothing else. Others believe that it is simply by continuing to create great art that God is glorified, regardless of whether it is evangelistic or not. I love the visual telling of your testimony and the way you weave biblical truth into your art and storytelling. However, I hope that you will continue to create fantastic art and tell great stories from that fantastic imagination God gave you without feeling obligated to turn every story into an evangelistic message. Now, if that is what you feel lead to do, you should do that, but I believe we create out of what we are and what is inside us, so if the Spirit is living in you and permeating your life, the Light will permeate whatever you create. In short, my recommendation is don't hide it, but don't force it either. If it is real in you, it will be real in your work. I am sure as your walk with Christ deepens, you will work out your own philosophy of art as a Christian. I am curious; did you ever work out a solid philosophy of art before? If you had one, what would you say it was?

Interested in your thoughts on that subject if you are willing to share them in this forum.

Okay, enough opinion. a few questions for you:

1. So I still want to purchase the 4th Volume of Stand Still Stay Silent, but I think I missed the Kickstarter campaign that printed it. Is there any way I could still purchase a copy or am I just out of luck?

2. Also curious what bands are your favorite?

3. Is there an automated alert message that will tell me when I need to renew my subscription to your blog?

Thanks for what you do and keep up the good work!

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My son and I read this together. Later, when he overheard me raving to my wife about it ("I can't think of anyone else on earth who is doing anything like this") he says, "I can think of one. You showed me one comic a long time ago, about rabbits."

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I don't know what size you're drawing at, but I always want to use the biggest screen in the house and zoom in when I read your work. So many great details. It feels best when I get it to the size of a tapestry.

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Will there be an RSS feed? That's how I got updates on SSSS.

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Hello! My name is Snow. I've followed your comics on and off for years. You have such a talent for storytelling, art, and characters, and I can't describe to you how excited I was to see the testimony comic and that you're turning your hand to this sort of story.

The first seven pages are beautiful. What you have so far feels very like the legends in Watership Down--which is one of my favorite books of all time. The visuals of the lamb with his cloak are amazing and the symbolism of every one of the animals having a red muzzle by the end is a powerful one. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but I very much appreciate the personification of the water as it becomes grieved at the animals' choices. Its parallels the Holy Spirit very nicely. I look forward to seeing how you handle that connection between the water and the lamb going forward, if that's something you intend to do.

In short, this is incredible, and it makes my heart very happy. I look forward to seeing more pages as they come out.

All the best,


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The pages are sooo gorgeous! Super hyped to see the rest of the prologue! BTW, I don’t see the comment section on the website.

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Hi Minna! I was excited to hear in your newsletter that you're planning to self-publish a run of your testimony comic. I'd also love a physical copy of Lovely People, but I dread ordering it from the US. Do you think it'll be available to order from the EU at some point?

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