Short info about my current comic project, and subscribers-only progress updates

Since I finished my personal Christian testimony comic (you can read it over on my website at ) I’ve turned to focus on my next longer webcomic project: “Journey Upstream”.

It’s a overtly Christian story, and it has its own website where you’ll be able to read the pages when I start posting pages online:

And here on Substack paid subscribers will get access to the monthly update-posts with behind-the-scenes content like sketches and work-in-progress images, and also early access to the finished comic pages.

My plan currently, and why the paid subscribers-only update posts

So I’m going to approach this next comic differently than I have done my webcomics in the past: instead of drip-feeding the stories through page-by-page daily posting I’m going to release the pages in chunks (still for free, of course). This is because I’ll be occasionaly dealing with Christian theological themes, and having a “cliffhanger“ in the middle of exploring something important wouldn’t exactly be helpful. In fact it’d be extremely UNhelpful! I also want to focus more on quality over quantity now.

That basically also means bye-bye ad-revenue! Which had been one of the staples of my webcomic-making income for the first 10 years of my career, but consistent ad-revenue requires very frequent updating to maximize pageviews, which lowers quality. And if possible, I’d prefer for people to be able to read the comic without the diistraction of ads.

So I’m hoping to make up for that lost income through the subscribers-only update posts here on Substack, with the help of those who have the means and interest in paying for such a thing. It’s 5 bucks/month and gives access to (as mentioned earlier) monthly progress updates and behind-the-scenes content, + early access to the comic itself.

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As a note, I’m still currently financially stable. I’ve saved up some money the last year, and I still have some royalties and residual income coming in from my previous comic (Stand Still. Stay Silent, finished in March 2022) for probably a year, maybe two. So I should be able to cover my expenses for the next couple years, while working on getting the new comic financially viable. That’s of course ultimately in God’s hands, but that’s the plan for now.

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Hello there, my name is Minna (Hummingfluff being my frequent social media nick) and I'm a comic artist. I became a Christian in 2020 I'm excited to use these gifts that God has given me on this new path.