Short info about my next comics, and subscribers-only progress updates

So I have two comics planned now, one short story that I’ll do first while I do prep-work for the next bigger project (writing, world-building, research, more Theology study, art-style practice etc).

The first (short) comic will basically be the testimony of how I became Christian. Doesn’t’ need much prep-work because I already know the story heheh. I’ll be focusing on how my worldview and thought-life developed during my years as an atheist, the eventual existential crisis, and what the process was that eventually lead me to Christ. I’ll let you know that it was a long and mentally painful conversion! Here’s a placeholder (sketchy and unfinished) cover design.

I’ll work on it 2-3 days a week, on that schedule it should be finished by end of 2022, or early 2023.

1 day a week I’ll be working on the remaining obligations that I have to the publisher(s) of my previous comics.

And the rest of the week I’ll work on preparing for the big comic project, which I’ll then start after that testimony-comic is done. I’ll have a more concrete presentation of the idea by then (end of 2021), for now the rough idea parameters are these. Copied directly from the first comic progress update for subscribers:

“Okay, so what is “comic 2“ (working title, lol) going to be like? Here’s some very basic parameters I’m working on, don’t want to define too much because I’ll probably change things a lot during planning, but here we go:

  • Story: a more “slice of life“ style format than my former adventure-comics. It will be collections of short and mid-size stories that follows a cast of characters living their silly lives in a silly little town

  • Theology focus: this is really the focus of the project. I want the short stories and lives of the characters to be a frame from which to explore and expound upon Christian theological doctrines and themes. In depth, but in ways that are easy (hopefully) to understand. The subjects will be general Christian stuff, but I’ve personally stumbled down the Reformed theology pathway, and the congregation I joined is Reformed Baptist, so that’s the point of view I’m coming from. Absolute favourite theologians right now are John Piper and RC Sproul!

  • Target audience: should be fine for anyone to read, but for the theology sections I’m envisioning something that would be particularly helpful for new Christians who kinda want to get into more in-depth God-focused theology, but feel too intimidated to start anywhere. I think my skills could provide a little niche stepping stone for some people. Ditto for “cultural Christians” who might have been “Christians“ for a long time but haven’t even felt like reading the Bible yet, or if they did would rather never open it again.

  • Setting: the characters will be in cute bunny form (for ease of story-telling for me), and they live in a non-localized “general“ town, during a non-specified year, but the world is analogous to ours, and in current era. So not fantasy, futuristic, or alternative universe. Just our world, but people are drawn as bunnies, and not tied to a specific country so I don’t have to bother with current events etc. (I’ll probably draw the characters as actual humans every now and then for fun.)

One of the first idea sketches for this still unnamed future comic

That’s the framework for now! I’ll specify this section more as we get further into the year of 2022 I’m sure.

My plan currently, and why the paid subscribers-only update posts

So I’m going to approach these next comics differently than I have in the past: instead of drip-feeding the stories by page-by-page daily posting I’m going to release the stories in chunks (still for free, of course). This is because I’ll be dealing with Christian theological themes, and having a “cliffhanger“ in the middle of exploring some theological argument wouldn’t exactly be helpful. In fact it’d be extremely UNhelpful! I also want to focus more on quality over quantity now.

That basically means bye-bye ad-revenue! Which has been one of the staples of my webcomic-making income for the last 10 years, before I became a Christian. In fact now I don’t want any ads on my new comics! So I’m hoping to make up for that lost income through the subscribers-only update posts here on Substack, with the help of those who have the means and interest in paying for such a thing (it’s 5 bucks/month, the comics will be free for everyone once they’re ready).

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By the way, I’m still currently financially stable. I’ve saved up some money the last year, and I still have royalties and residual income coming in from my previous comic (Stand Still. Stay Silent, finishes in January 2022) for probably a year, maybe two. So I should be able to cover my expenses for the next 2-3 years, while hopefully getting the new comic financially viable. That’s of course ultimately in God’s hands, but that’s the plan.

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